This is a cow.
A cow says, "Moo."

This is a Mooncalf.
A Mooncalf says,
"No shit, Sherlock."

I am: Mooncalf.
I am: Mie Tsukikoushi.
I am: not telling you my real name.
I am: twenty-nine years old.
I am: a random fangirl from Ohio.
I am: a bad poet.
I am: easily amused.

This is: my weblog.
This is: not a fair place.
This is: the disclaimer.
This is: a dictatorship.
This is: a forum for my opinions.
This is: open for comments, but:
This is: where flames go to die.
This is: not open to debate.

These are: links to other weblogs.
These are: weblogs that I read.
These are: often friends of mine.
These are: pretty obvious facts.

*gigglesnort* (Cho)
Air Raid (Lex)
Angry Babble (Kris)
Angry Norris (Lea)
Bloody Hell! (GlassShard)
Darn Tootin' (Rob Rummel-Hudson)
Deli Nara (Keiiii)
The Hamster's Roar (Teri)
In The Tradition of Lunatics (Sarah)
KittenBlog (Bonnie)
LD50 (Sairobi)
Meriko's Musings (Meriko)
Pass The Conch (Red Draco)
Random Sharing (Tengu)
Reverse Halo (Queen Vera)
Revolutionary (Ed)
Slap To The Head Fanfiction Reviews
Suzelog (Suze)
The Technomancy Blog

Here is: the LiveJournal ghetto.
Here is: my obvious blogging bias.
Here is: me not being serious.

Chao Bell

This link is: the blog archives.
This link is: the older blog archives.
This link is: mooncalf, my main site.
This link is: my email address.

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