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11/14/2002 Entry: "Completely Out Of Context: Museum-Quality Hard-Ons."

Taken completely and utterly out of context, and presented with no explanation whatsoever:

"Just because you see a hard-on and there's no little museum proctor running around hanging 'PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE EXHIBIT' signs on it doesn't mean you can put it in your mouth! Like a toddler! Do I have to babyproof my cock for you? Do I?!"

"... yes. If only because I'd be fascinated to see what that entails."

"It entails nailing a big board to it so that you can't fit it in your mouth, imbecile. Or putting one of those dumb plastic latches on my codpiece so that you can't undo it."

"God, I knew you were kinky but I didn't know you were that kinky."

"Oh, shut up."

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Your hair is stupid. ^_^

Posted by Suze @ 11/14/2002 01:00 PM EST

Not gonna ask

Posted by Cloud12287 @ 11/14/2002 04:24 PM EST

My hair is not stupid! Your hair is stupid!

Posted by Mooncalf @ 11/14/2002 04:27 PM EST

No, my hair is /cute/. As am I.

You, on the other hand, are just a cheap drunk with good wine.

And stupid hair. ^_^

Posted by Suze @ 11/14/2002 07:57 PM EST

I almost want to ask. Almost. But there's this thing keeping me from asking. What is it? Oh yeah, fear of what the explanation is.

Posted by Silver Angel @ 11/14/2002 10:12 PM EST

Silver Angel, You're supposed to be studying your Psychology. Who has stupid hair?

Posted by Silver Angel's Mom @ 11/15/2002 04:16 PM EST

Ma, I do! And hour before Psych and after Psych. And yes, who does have the stupid hair?

Posted by Silver Angel @ 11/15/2002 04:39 PM EST

/He/ does.

Posted by Suze @ 11/15/2002 11:57 PM EST

...Really, do you need context? Would it help? Is there any explanation in the world that would improve those mental images?

I have stupid hair.

Posted by Issendai @ 11/16/2002 06:28 PM EST

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