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06/12/2002 Entry: "Frozen Grapes!"

You know what's really good, especially in the summer?

Get some seedless green grapes (big and sweet), break them up into little clumps, put the clumps in Ziploc bags, and freeze 'em.

Frozen grapes take on this wonderfully slushy texture like a granita and get sweeter in the bargain; you can eat 'em like candy and they won't ever melt all over you and drip sticky 'grape'-flavored fluid down your sleeves like certain other frozen things not that I'm biased.

Trust me on this one!

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Wow; cool! More great tips from Moon! You really need to compile a book of yuor wisdom and observations. ^_^

Posted by Wolf @ 06/12/2002 01:47 AM EST

What is a granita? ^^;

Posted by Keiiii @ 06/12/2002 02:08 PM EST

Oooh, /yes/. Blueberries are really good, too! And orange slices! And... I just like sticking fruit in the freezer.

Posted by Ashlea @ 06/12/2002 03:16 PM EST

Oooh, sorry... a granita is the ancestor of things like snowcones and Slurpees. Ice shaved really fine and flavored with fruit juice or coffee or something similar; it's an Italian drink/dessert/whatever.

Posted by Mooncalf @ 06/12/2002 04:45 PM EST

Oooo~ Maybe I could start a drive all over the state of Colorado to freeze a bunch of grapes and then have the fire department drop those on the huge wildfire here just outside of town... The Great Frozen Grape Fire Fight. Hell...nothing else is working. -_-

Posted by Teri @ 06/13/2002 01:10 AM EST

w00t! Okay, I'll have to try this out ^o^

Oh, you know what else is good? Sliced watermelons, bananas and strawberries in cooled soda (my choice for this is sprite). That and sliced half-frozen bananas with chocolate syrup. Slushy.

Posted by Keiiii @ 06/13/2002 05:38 PM EST

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