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06/10/2002 Entry: "Blue Heron."

There's a man-made 'lake' hidden away in the back of our apartment complex. It's about, oh, a hundred feet from the front door of the Geekery to the lake.

So I went out there at about 6:15 this morning, to stretch my legs a little before I went to bed. (What? Shut up.) It's not unusual to see flocks of cranky Canada geese out there, with goslings in the spring; sometimes we get mallards too.

This morning, when I went out there, there was a female blue heron wading around in the shallows. I was able to get pretty close and gawk at it before it flew away.

Sometimes I love New Stepford, Ohio and how close to rural it still is. We have groundhogs and rabbits instead of squirrels! There are deer and raccoons and possums and great horned owls all living around here!... and probably the occasional mountain lion and coyote, too, but, uh.

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That's so neat, Moon! ^_^ Here in NE, we have some kewl animals lurking around. We DO have squirrels, but we also have groundhogs and rabbits, who like to frolic in our yards with the birds, of all kinds. ^_^ (and in nearby IA, they have black squirrels!! BLACK!! Although it seems a small tribe or two has camped out here in NE, where I go to school, so I see them sometimes).

We do have deer, but they tend to stay away from most people, of course, but they live in wooded areas. I have rarely seen any but then, I'm scarcely that far from urbanization. Raccons and possums, too, but I have never seen any! Well, actually, a raccoon once tried to murder my turtle! LOL I had a turtle I found at a lake, and set it outside one night and a raccoon happened to be near and I guess tried to eat it! The 'coon must have come from a nearby forest-like park, up the street from my house, but still in urbanization. Some people have said they have seen possums under their house or something, but I never have.

Once in a while, you might also see a hawk flying overhead. I don't know where they live though....And I believe bald eagles are native to these parts of NE. Definitely never seen one of those! And ducks and geese hang out at the lakes. There are also ground squirrels here! Yup, they invade the underground, too! Sometimes, you can see some of them just outside one of the windows where I work! They have a home there! ^_^

But that must have been something about the heron in the early morning, Moon. Consider yourself lucky to have seen it. ^_^

Posted by Wolf @ 06/11/2002 01:02 AM EST

CANADA GEESE?! And you didn't do anything to stop them??!! Don't you know they're spies for the Canadians?? And when they finally invade they'll serve as the Royal Canadian Air Force (and maybe even bomb the Baldwins)!
Seriously, though, avian wildlife is really cool. I see mostly buzzards, but there's the occasional redtail hawk.

Posted by Duo Maxwell @ 06/11/2002 03:14 AM EST

Back on the farm (not even an hour's drive from the city where Nezumi now lives), we had an impressive display of wildlife. Canada geese, of course, but also herons, hawks, even a pair of eagles that stayed for the last couple of years Nezumi was there. To say nothing of ground-dwelling life, such as deer, bears, muskrats, otters, foxes and the like.

Even in the city we get some of that. The duck pond four blocks from Nezumi's place houses swans and about five species of duck, plus regular gees and Canada geese in transit. Also squirrels and the occasional rat, which is a function of being a seaport town. We don't get deer quite this far in, but you don't have to go far to where deer do occasionally wander in, together with a few of the miscellaneous country beasties.

One of the reasons Nezumi likes Nova Scotia so much, really.

Posted by Nezumi @ 06/11/2002 09:45 AM EST

Deer : Pennsylvania :: Pigeons : New York City

We have to shoot them, so goes the local logic, or they'd overrun the place and rule us all with an iron ... hoof.


There are flocks of geese in the park (and I mean several-square-miles-of-forest park, not nice-lil'-patch-of-grass park) that will wait at the side of the road for cars to pass before walking across the street. The entire flock. Instead of flying. I've seen deer do the same thing (um, except the bit about flying).

When bored, watch the critters. Even the dull little sparrows and whatnot. It's very relaxing. :)

Posted by StB @ 06/11/2002 10:35 AM EST

Going to bed after 6 in the morning....sounds like my typical summer night.

Posted by Cloud12287 @ 06/11/2002 10:27 PM EST

[laughs] Not one minute before I read this, my dad and I were gushing over six little baby Mallards settled in a perfect half-circle on a big rock in the shallows of our pond. So cute!

We've got a blue heron back living back there too, although he's pretty shy. Aren't they a neat bird? I love watching ours spear frogs. We've got a couple little Green-backed herons back there too, plus around fifty Wood ducks living in the rushes and underbrush on the other side. Rare and timid, my ass. Those things are incredibly loud at night. We used to huck rocks into the pond at around one in the morning to shut them up.

We don't have many deer around here anymore though, sadly. The wolves have eaten them off. In fact, the wolves are now going after the farmers' young sheep and cattle, which has resulted in a donkey population explosion. Wolves hassling your stock? Get a donkey! They're mean little bastards, and they'll put the run on anything. I speak from painful personal experience :).

My favourite critters are the otters and the beavers, though. The otters are hilarious to watch, and the beavers kindly flood our property for us :).

Posted by Lex @ 06/12/2002 06:41 PM EST

I'm going to UP the ANTE.

We have two kitschy ponds in our backyard garden. At one point, we had about five goldfish living in those kitschy ponds.

A great blue heron decided that our goldfish would be GREAT snacks.

My mudder was working out in the garden when she saw it wading around in the larger pond. XD

Posted by Yscaldine @ 06/13/2002 12:22 PM EST

Unless you've got pterodactyls nesting in your gutters, I don't think it's possible to outdo wolves. ;) *applauds*

Posted by StB @ 06/13/2002 01:47 PM EST

Otters, we don't get very often in the harbour, but occasionally we see them. What we /do/ see are cormorants. Nifty birds, cormorants.

Posted by Nezumi @ 06/13/2002 02:54 PM EST

Very occasionally here, you will see seals. Not sure the species, though. They like trying to cross the road.

Posted by Sheerlyevil @ 06/14/2002 12:35 AM EST

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