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06/08/2002 Entry: "An Announcement Of... Nothing, Really."

I may not be blogging quite as much in the next few weeks.

Or I might be blogging more. Go figure.

Anyway, a bit of an explanation is in order.
Basically, I'm tired. I've spread myself a little too thin recently, and I've been pushing myself too hard. So for the next couple of weeks I'll be retreating a little and rethinking my priorities a bit. The blog will continue, as will the fansite, I promise, although updates may not come along as often in the future.

Anyway, we'll see. I'll still be here, and I'll still blog when the urge strikes me, and I'll answer email and stuff.

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Just dont go Moon....just dont go. Well...go if you want..but make sure you come back.

Posted by Cloud @ 06/09/2002 04:24 PM EST

I'm very sad to hear you won't be blogging... I'm a major fan of your blog. (Yes, I know, random web voyeurs... eek!) But take care of yourself and feel better... must have more mooncalf fanfiction...

*comes across as an obsessive little stalker. Okaaay...*

I was at Anime North! *is a pesky Canadian* I kept hoping to see people there. And there was a person in Ashton cosplay and I was impressed.

....hi, I'm Harukami! ...I'm a big fan who will actually email you some day when I'm braver.

Posted by Harukami @ 06/10/2002 12:56 AM EST

I understand about priorities. It's important to set them straight when the time comes. I just hope you do come back, and never completely leave. What would we do without you? We'd all be very sad. :( But yes, do what you must do; just make sure you come back. Vaya con dios, Mooncita.

Posted by Wolf @ 06/10/2002 01:27 AM EST

...or, as my dad always says, "Vaya con carne." Chili puns, ugh.

Posted by Nathan @ 06/11/2002 09:35 AM EST

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