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05/13/2002 Entry: "A Very Brief Ode to eBay."

A Very Brief Ode To eBay, On The Occasion Of Winning A Hotly Contested Auction

If time and tide and struggle
Can't get us what we deserve
Well, then, we'll just hit eBay
And we'll try to meet reserve.

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...I SO want to have your babies.

Posted by Hollie @ 05/13/2002 01:15 AM EST

Sorry, another poet has out-poetried you. You have .01 seconds to resubmit another poem before this auction is closed.

Posted by Shax @ 05/13/2002 01:21 AM EST

They sell babies on e-Bay.....
Moon, you COULD sell your babies on e-Bay too, you know. You already have one buyer, it seems!

Posted by Wolf @ 05/13/2002 01:49 AM EST

Man, reserve is such a stupid thing. If you're not willing to sell for less than $50, then by whatever deity you believe in, set the goddamn lowest bid at $50!


Nope, never been on eBay, nosirree. Never heeeaaaarrrrd of it.

Posted by Carlos @ 05/13/2002 10:20 PM EST

*furiously scribbles down ideas for new yuri fanfiction, looks up noticing everyone looking at him, and then hides the notepad quickly, blushing furiously*

Um, er, what? ^_~

Posted by Safaia @ 05/13/2002 11:51 PM EST

eBay sucks... you can sell anything but you can't pay with sardines... hmm... I'll sell the sardines for a cow and try paying with that instead... XD

Posted by Kakashi @ 05/14/2002 04:56 AM EST

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