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05/08/2002 Entry: "Checkfighting."

So, I have a houseguest.

You know, when I was a little kid and my mother would take us out to dinner with another adult, at the end of the meal the adults would always get into a polite 'let me pay!' 'no, no, absolutely not, I'm paying!' 'Are you sure?' battle. And being the greedy child that I was, I always thought my mother should let the other person pay, since they offered. No sense in spending money when you didn't have to, right?

Now I have a houseguest. And we've been doing the 'I'm paying!' 'Fuck you, I'm paying!' 'You touch that check and I'll cut your hands off!' battle for the entire time she's been here.

I guess this must be maturity, or an unreasonable facsimile thereof.

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I'm the same way. I always thought my mom was crazy -- if the other person wanted to pay that bad, LET THEM.

But now every time I go out to eat with people it turns into World War III. "What are you doing? PUT THAT CREDIT CARD AWAY! I have money DAMMIT!" "That's nice, I'm still paying." "Oh no you're NOT."

This, sadly, occurs even when I'm in Canada for a day and have no Canadian money.

Posted by Ed @ 05/08/2002 02:38 PM EST

Gee Moonie, can I be your houseguest?

Posted by Sheerlyevil @ 05/08/2002 05:32 PM EST

My family has actually devised *plots* to make sure that they get the check. Mini-plots, to be sure, but still. @_@

Posted by Sharyna @ 05/08/2002 07:07 PM EST

My friends and I just threaten to rip each others' kneecaps off until one or the other relents.
I suggest watching the Father Ted episode where Mrs. Doyle meets up with her friend on the main island or something, and they get into a HILARIOUS fight...XD

Posted by Rae @ 05/09/2002 08:43 PM EST

I have not quite experienced the extremes you have, Moon. LOL But whenever I offer to pay, no one lets me. I just can't do something nice for people by paying for a time out....I LIKE doing it, too! And hey, I'm saving them money!! But you know...

Posted by Wolf @ 05/10/2002 01:35 AM EST

And I still left with the vague guilty feeling that I was not allowed to pay nearly often enough!

Posted by D @ 05/10/2002 08:42 AM EST

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