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05/03/2002 Entry: "Eighties Music."

I have a shameful confession to make.

I... like eighties music. Very very much.

I hang my head in shame.

Well, okay, no I don't. You see, by being born in 1972, I was perfectly positioned to be a child of the MTV Generation (eight going in, eighteen coming out). So, when I first started to get interested in music at age nine, well, it was 1981.
I'll be the first to admit that most eighties music is shamelessly stupid. The lyrics are bubble-headed, the music itself is simplistic and far too dependent on synthesizers, the bands are more concerned with image than sound... but, you know, fuck it, I like it anyway. In the immortal words of American Bandstand, 'it's got a good beat and I can dance to it'.
It's... escapist, I guess. Depth and meaning is all very well and good, but sometimes I just want to sit in front of my computer and bop around and sing stupid lyrics and enjoy myself, and eighties music is good for that.
In other words, fuck your deep meaningful angsty music. I'm hot for teacher. Yowza.

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Darn. You beat me to this. I was going to rant about how today's rock music is all angst and overdoses and whatever happened to the kinky lingerie-and-pearls sexism of '80s garbage rock? but I was too slow. Today's music is about personal demons. I don't care about personal demons. I care about drunken orgies. They make me smile.

Posted by Sarah @ 05/03/2002 01:45 AM EST

Wahoo! A fellow 80's fan!

Nezumi has a special all-80's playlist that she reverts to whenever the press of modern (and not-so-modern) gets too overwhelming. All the greats are there.

Dexy's Midnight Runners! Nick Kershaw! The Clash! Big Country! Teena Marie! Dire Straits!

Now, if you'll excuse Nezumi, she's going to go listen the Peter Schilling's "Coming Home". In German.

Posted by Nezumi @ 05/03/2002 10:56 AM EST

Many people are ashamed of liking 80's music. And everyone KNOWS it too. That's why in one of those 80's Combilation Mega Albums you see ads for on TV, on one of those, the announcer says something like "C'mon, you KNOW all the words". And it's true; you do.

Hey, I think stuff from the 80's has a lot better value than all of the crap that is being rolled out today. I mean Jesus God, LOOK at the crap being spewed out by companies who just want a piece of the pizza that is America's Free Enterprise. They don't care what it sounds like, because it sucks and they still wring it out. They just want it because it sells. And isn't that what's important in music? Uh, no, I honestly don't think so.

Granted, in this great country, people have the right to make music that they want to make and sell it if they can. And good for them. But you know....there are some things that just should not be. Just because you CAN do something does not mean you necessarily SHOULD, you know?

Yes, a lot of 80's music was certainly like that too. But hey, there are at least some classics in there, whereas the new stuff today just irritates the shit out of you. And a lot of it anymore is just using a certain number of certain 4-letter words. A blind, constipated monkey on speed could write better music than what these toilet-drinkers wrank out. And I am attempting to prove that too, with my spider-monkey, Kiki. But that's another story...

Don't be ashamed, Moon! Unless you really do like something you SHOULD be ashamed of! But who am I to judge?

Posted by Wolf @ 05/03/2002 08:07 PM EST

woo. Another 80's fan out of the closet. Can I come out too? naw.. *hides back in closet*

Posted by Sheerlyevil @ 05/04/2002 12:40 AM EST

Good point.

Personally, I don't claim I have h4rdc0r3 nd3 tastes in music, nor do I *try* to like things (or, like many people, fake it) because I think they're "deep" or "important." Not to say that everything I like is throwaway - but I think it's not fair to music, or any other creative form, to demand that it serve doom and introspection *all the time*. Happiness is part of life too, dammit. And so is silliness. Demanding only one facet of music all the time cheats the listeners and the artists, IMO, and worse yet, reeks heavily of pretentiousness.

Anyhow, all I know is, if it makes me ditzily happy to listen to Erasure now and then (or Duran Duran or, God help me, Pet Shop Boys), then so be it. It's entertainment, not a manifesto, and I don't think it has to be.

Posted by StB @ 05/04/2002 08:14 PM EST

Errr... that "nd3" was supposed to be a pseudo 1337speak spelling of "indie", but apparently the script doesn't like the character I used for "I". Um... sorry 'bout that.

Posted by The twerp above @ 05/04/2002 08:15 PM EST

'80s party? When?

Count me in. ^_^

Posted by Carlos @ 05/05/2002 09:34 PM EST

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