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03/30/2002 Entry: "Irrashaimase Indeed."

Ladies and gentlemen, Columbus Ohio has my number.

Boyfriend and I went to the local Neat-o Anime Junk Store tonight. It's a little tiny cramped storefront on the north side; they also run a webstore and attend every convention between here and the dark side of the moon.

So I went in, and we were almost the only customers there (unusual). One of the cute little fanboyim who owns the store was bored, so he kept talking to us; the conversation went as follows:

(I pick up a box set of Yami no Matsuei trading cards. Mmm, gay.)
OWNER: Oh, Yami no Matsuei! We have the artbooks, you know!

(He picks them up and shows me.)
OWNER: Character Book and Sketch Book, see?

(I grin goofily and stretch out my hands.)
ME: Oooh! Gimme!

(He does so. I hug them to my chest briefly, put them aside to be purchased, and flop down on the floor to peruse the rest of their artbooks. He eyes me knowingly for a moment, then says:)
OWNER: ... we carry yaoi doujinshi, you know.

(Pause. My heart beats three times while I stare blindly at the artbooks and digest what I've just been told. Then I lift my head and give him a bright-eyed stare.)
ME: Really?
OWNER: Sure! They're in the back. Let me go dig those out for you.

(Two minutes later he comes out with, yes, a pile of wrapped and stickered yaoi doujinshi. Real, honest-to-god fan-made amateur smut comics from Japan. I breathe a prayer of thanks to whichever gods of lust were watching over me.)
OWNER: Here you go! You can look at them over there!

(I race over to the counter and paw through the stack. The only other customer in the store, a pudgy little teenaged Asian boy, promptly gains an interest in me and yaoi in general. I barely notice.)

Loads and loads of Saiyuuki yaoi. One Sorata x Arashi X doujinshi, sadly misfiled. One Zack x Cloud doujinshi where Cloud looks about twelve, ick. A bunch of FFX yaoi, ick ick ick stop having sex with Auron, people. A few other random series. All just beautifully drawn and toned.
Unfortunately, none of the fandoms I really follow, except Final Fantasy, and none of the good pairings from that. Alas. I didn't buy any, but I let the shop owner know that I was, in fact, highly interested and told him in no uncertain terms that I was an RPG fangirl. Let's see what comes of that.

I don't know if their website lists the yaoi djs on it. But by god, I'm gonna go find out. Anime Palace, I kiss your feet, and if you would like to earn raving metric assloads of my money, you're on the right track. Two words: PlayStation RPGs, guys.

Boyfriend and I had an enthusiastic and highly surreal conversation about yaoi after we left the shop, too. I think I've been dragged out of the closet.

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"stop having sex with Auron, people."

I'm trying, but I can't!

I have a sudden overwhelming urge to move to Ohio now, though.

Posted by AJ @ 03/31/2002 02:09 PM EST

I'm happy you found yourself many riches, Moon. Bask in them, and prosper. ^_^ It's always nice to find such unexpected surprises like that, especially when you can keep going back for more whenever you want! ^_'

Posted by Wolf @ 03/31/2002 03:21 PM EST

Haha! I wish the comic store here had yaoi doujinshi:) I don't think there are enough fangirls in Fargo though.

"Oooh! Gimme!"

that sounds familiar:) whenever i see some manga i must have it get's yanked off the shelf and tucked tightly under my arm in .25 seconds.

Posted by Kyrn @ 03/31/2002 05:43 PM EST

What's the name/location of this place? :D *is another happy Ohioan who goes through Columbus every summer*

Posted by melusine @ 04/01/2002 10:16 AM EST

Yeah me too and I was just in Columbus Saturday (our church bus got lost -_-) And yes, sex with Auron is very bad.

Posted by Tif @ 04/01/2002 08:52 PM EST

!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Mooncalf can I, like, send you money or something!? XD

Posted by Lorelai @ 04/05/2002 10:51 PM EST

Ah the joy of finding yaoi djs that you can actually bring home then and there instead of having to wait 2 weeks from sellers on eBay or if you like Zax X Cloud, let me recommend YubinBasyua if you're not already familiar with their work. They have a site here:
(I'm just someone from Livejournal passing by, have read some of your stories on

Posted by StrengthLove @ 04/08/2002 11:39 AM EST

That's pretty nifty. We don't even have a comics shop on this god-forsaken island... province... ok maybe one in the province, none with yaoi doujinshi however.... *envy*

Posted by Sheerlyevil @ 04/08/2002 09:52 PM EST

You should have asked them to stop the bus so you could nip on over to buy gay porn, Tif.

Posted by AJ @ 04/09/2002 04:44 PM EST

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