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03/29/2002 Entry: "Great And Terrible Oz."

So I'm typing this on my brand-new, overpowered, and somewhat confusing OSX computer. I went up three resolution sizes and my icons are still the size of my thumb. I have da power!

Anyway, god knows what'll break next, or when I'll be updating next. I've sacrificed the requisite amount of blood to the gods of computer setup, so at least I know the computer likes me.

For the record: my last computer, a friendly little blueberry iMac, was named 'Lunatic Pandora'. I was playing FF8 at the time, and the icon for the hard drive did look kind of like Lunatic Pandora, so.

This computer's name is 'The Great And Terrible Oz'. Because it scares me.

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If your computer is the Great and Powerful Oz, then who's the man behind the curtain? *points*

Posted by Nathan @ 03/29/2002 06:58 PM EST

I just need to tell you that I HATE YOU. Hate hate hate frikking hate. And your computer too. Damn you and your computer that is better than mine!

Posted by Ed @ 03/29/2002 08:13 PM EST

Nathan, I can assure you that the man behind the curtain is not me.

Posted by Father Moon @ 03/29/2002 09:00 PM EST

I really do envy you. I wish I could afford a new computer.

My computer is named "Piece of shit".

Posted by Saikou @ 03/30/2002 12:21 AM EST

LOL Saikou My server has the same name as your comp.
I have a friend who has a scary computer....because it's trying to take over the world. And we think it can actually do it.

Posted by Wolf @ 03/30/2002 12:26 AM EST

If the man behind the curtain isn't you, Father Moon, then who *is* it? *looks around, obviously becoming paranoid*

Posted by Nathan @ 03/30/2002 01:33 AM EST

*loves OSX* Binky (my iceBook) has been running OSX for a couple of weeks now and I love it. I admit that at first I was sceptical, but the ability to scp from the terminal window has won me over. And all the chrome. Ooh, chrome.

Posted by Bonnie @ 03/30/2002 12:25 PM EST

I think I'll name my laptop 'Deus' so I can kill it with style.

Posted by Tamerine @ 03/30/2002 09:28 PM EST

mmmm. OSX. OSX made me give up the windows beast. And I've been happy ever since. (And now I can play D2 in it!)

Posted by Gregory @ 03/31/2002 08:04 AM EST

Need a new computer... Mine doesn't have a name. "Dust collector" would be a good one I think.

Posted by I am sadly sadly windows bound @ 04/08/2002 09:49 PM EST

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