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03/26/2002 Entry: "Home Sweet... Wait."

A year and a half ago, when we moved into our current townhouse, we were still getting mail from the previous residents. No big deal, it happens to all of us, they just forgot to forward their mail. Right?

Six of them?

That's right. For the first eight months or so, we got mail -- medical bills, car repair bills, that sort of thing -- for six entirely different couples/people. And at first I was sympathetic, if a bit suspicious. There are only two bedrooms, after all, they couldn't all have been living here at the same time.
I would write 'PLEASE FORWARD' on the envelopes and put them back in the mailbox, and wherever they ended up, it wasn't with me. After about six months, I got tired of it, and just threw the envelopes away. Eventually, they petered out.

Today, when we came home from dinner, there was a private investigator on our front porch. Looking for a seventh person (this one with a Japanese name) who used to live in our townhouse.

What I want to know is, who exactly used to live here, and what the hell were they doing? Did this basement used to house a con-man with seven different identities? What the hell?

... if I pull the plaster off the walls will I find sacks of stolen money stashed there?

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Well if you happen to be remodeling and bags of money just keep falling out, you'll know where it came from.

Posted by Shinji @ 03/26/2002 11:58 PM EST

Now THAT is creepy.....
Japanese name? They must have been looking for lost prOn stashes. Uh might have a problem....


Posted by Wolf @ 03/27/2002 01:17 AM EST

When I was at Pitzer I got mail for the Japanese girl who'd had my mailbox previously.

Like bank statements. I didn't know what to do with them (and the mail room didn't have a forwarding address), so I finally settled for tearing them up so at least no one else could look at them.

Posted by Ed @ 03/27/2002 11:59 AM EST

Yes. Yes you will. Tear the plaster off the walls right this isntant!

Posted by AJ @ 03/27/2002 01:03 PM EST

Im with AJ...start ripping the walls down.

Posted by Cloud @ 03/27/2002 02:12 PM EST

That *is* fairly bizarre... *contemplates*

Posted by Nathan @ 03/27/2002 10:14 PM EST

Well, if you don't find money, you might find dead bodies.

'cause, you know, I doubt the mobsters would take the bodies and leave the money.

Unless they were dyslexic mobsters. Hmmm.

Posted by Winterhart @ 03/29/2002 09:00 AM EST

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