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02/18/2002 Entry: "Or, Then Again, Maybe I Won't."

Or maybe I won't!
So I went down to see the eye doctor today, and after carefully inspecting my eyes, he informs me that, in my previous surgery, they lasered my eyes off-center. That's right, boys and girls, they apparently weren't quite aware of where my actual pupils are!

No, no, I'm being overly rude. In reality, I have so many various weird eye disorders that it's not, technically, their fault. But, anyway, it turns out that touch-up surgery would probably suffer from the same off-centering that the first surgery did. So I won't be having that done.


Instead, I'll be waiting for this nifty brand spanking new computerized laser surgery process to be approved by the FDA. When that happens (in six months to a year, most likely), I'll come back to Houston and get my eyes lasered on again then.

At least he confirmed that my corneas have healed nicely and my nerve tissue is about half regenerated. Everything's great!... except that my main reason for coming back to Houston has just been obviated.
Oh well. Isn't it strange how I only use my blog as an actual diary/journal when I'm in Houston?

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I dunno, maybe it's something in the air in Texas?

Posted by Nathan @ 02/18/2002 03:36 PM EST

LOL Could be...

Wow. I think that sucks, Moon, but I'm glad you're doing well. Things like this are all the more reason for me to not mess with something like this. Although, I don't think I have any other eye disorders other than simple poor vision.... *_*
Well, glad you're doing well!! :3

Posted by Wolf @ 02/19/2002 08:52 AM EST

This would be a good superhero origin. "After a botched laser surgery, Dirk Likely found he had the miraculous ability to see through solid objects..."

Posted by AJ @ 02/20/2002 12:12 AM EST

"He swore that he would only use this power for good. But the forces of the Dark Optometrists were tempting him at every turn. Fame, power, beautiful women - the world would be his if he joined forces with them. However, he disdained thier plotting, and instead desicated himself to vigilante justice. It was not until years later, when he had retired and gone back to his quiet suburban life, that his contributions were recognized, and then, it was only when an isolated scientific genius, ridiculed by his peers and outcast by the scientific community, realized how to repeat this process. A brave young woman called Moon had volunteered to help him ... "

Posted by Skimmer @ 02/20/2002 09:18 AM EST

Argh, Moonie, that sucks that happened ._.;. Well, at least they found out exactly what the deal is and that your eyes were actually healing up X_x.

Blee, good luck!

Posted by angrynorris @ 02/24/2002 11:59 AM EST

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