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02/15/2002 Entry: "The Standard Rant About Flying."

This just in: Large outgoing men who have the tendency to gesticulate wildly while talking are no longer allowed to sit next to me on airplane trips. I don't think I've ever been elbowed so many times in a single three-hour period.
But, uh, I'm here. And I got here with only, oh, six hours' effort, which isn't so bad as plane trips go.

I don't feel like being funny. I'll be funny later. Right now, I'm just blogging to hear myself type.

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That's OK, Moon, I, for one, am just glad to hear that you have safely arrived at your destination. ^_^

Posted by Nathan @ 02/16/2002 12:11 AM EST

Glad you have arrived. Let me know if our plans are set.

Posted by Father Moon @ 02/16/2002 02:38 AM EST


Guess who broke down and bought a spindle of CD's last night? You may have some swag by the time you get over here, if all goes well. :)

Posted by chaobell @ 02/16/2002 10:51 AM EST

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