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02/13/2002 Entry: "Bunch Of Pictures: Once A Dork, Always A Dork."

Recently I bulled my way into a discussion of school uniforms that was taking place on a certain not-a-BBS that I frequent. Because, you know, for two years of my life I wore an honest-to-gosh sailor suit to school (thanks, Episcopalian church school!) and I couldn't resist the urge to embarrass myself by saying so.
Imagine, spending two years in a fuku and not developing magical-girl powers. I'm so embarrassed.
And then, because I could and I felt like it, I dug up my suitcase full o' ancient pictures and scanned a bunch of them, to prove it. Look, I was a dorky kid! Pictures will open in a new window.

Here's me in first grade. In a sailor suit, trying not to laugh at the camera. Before third grade, I didn't wear glasses, and I always looked like I was stifling a laugh.

Here's me in second grade, in a great head-to-toe shot of the sailor suit. Complete with honest-to-gosh saddle shoes. Once again, trying not to laugh at the camera. Gotta love that messy pigtail action, huh?

A couple of later pictures, too: here's me on my second-grade soccer team, the Red Saints! More pigtails!

And finally: AAAAAAAAA! Me in the classic Girl Scout uniform! Complete with the sash! And, you know, bad hair, dorky glasses, and everything. Yes, I was a total nerd after about third grade. Heck, I still am. But, uh, not in a Girl Scout uniform any more. I have some standards.

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Aww Mooncalf you look so adorable in that sailor outfit!
...No you don't know me, but I just thought I'd say anyway. I'm weird, sue me. Or get a restraining order. The second one is probably a better idea.

Posted by Bloiffy @ 02/13/2002 05:15 PM EST

Oh my *god*. I didn't think any schools actually had uniforms like that. That's weird.

Posted by AJ @ 02/13/2002 05:17 PM EST

"Mooooon Gorgeous Meditatioooooon!"

Sorry, you had it coming. You KNOW you had it coming. ;)

Posted by Red Draco @ 02/13/2002 05:18 PM EST

How *cute*! I do have to agree with you, though- two years in a fuku and not developing magical powers *is* rather a gyp. And don't worry about being a total nerd- to my best estimation, we *all* are, around this blog, and so nobody is really in a position to mock you for it. *grins*

Posted by Nathan @ 02/13/2002 05:22 PM EST

I wondered if there was a religious school out there with the exact same fukus as the senshi. Now I know. ^_^ (Speaks one who went to a Catholic school for 6 years. ^_^;)

Actually, if you were wearing the fuku before you were eleven, I don't think you would have developed magical girl powers without some outside help, like a talking cat or a magic book that contained a dead magician's cards. You don't happen to remember any strange books in the school library or stray animals hanging around on the grounds? ^_-

Posted by The Crying Sailor @ 02/13/2002 05:49 PM EST

I think a senshi from an Episcopal school would transform into a matching sweater-skirt set and fight baddies with a shrimp fork and a sherry glass.

But that's just me.

Posted by BigBigTruck @ 02/13/2002 05:57 PM EST

*desperatly trying to hold back a gigantic laugh*

The great Mooncalf...writer of such hilarious things....*loses composure and explodes in laughter*


Posted by Cloud12287 @ 02/13/2002 09:55 PM EST

Can I call you Sailor Moo now?

Posted by Lack Thereof @ 02/13/2002 10:30 PM EST

Dude, she does have magical powers. She's Sailor Moo, pretty scout of metaphor!

Posted by Moonshine @ 02/14/2002 12:56 AM EST

*thumbs up*

You know, it's funny looking at yourself as a kid. You never realize that the innocent choices you made (or your parents made for you) would make for such great smiles when you grow up.

My mom also wore sailor outfits - in high school. Apparently, some schools in the Philippines also adopted fuku, and it's kinda scary realizing that my mom is, in fact, Achika from the first Tenchi Muyo movie.

Which does NOT make me Tenchi. At all. No.

Noboyuki was SO much cooler than my *real* father -_-

*shuts up before he begins the philandering jerk rant*

But, really, that's cool. Except the Girl Scout uniform, but you already said that. ^_^

Posted by Carlos @ 02/14/2002 01:51 AM EST

Aaaaaaawwwwwww......cute!! You were so cute in your sailor suit, Moon!! ^_^
And it also surprises me greatly that anyplace in the States actually assigned sailor suit uniforms. *_* Wow. Fancy that....
Thank you for sharing!! :3
And of course she already has magical powers; she's Mooncalf!! No sailor suit is needed for that!

Posted by Wolf @ 02/14/2002 08:52 AM EST

Cripes, the red tie and everything. Public school may have no academic standards whatsoever, but we DID get to dress like dorks of our own free will. XD

If you still had that stuff, I'm betting it'd get a hundred bucks on Ebay. Because of course there are teenage cosplayers the approximate girth of a second-grader out there. Many. Yay, selling memories. (Hey, we have a vintage Rainbow Brite costume out there somewhere...hmmm...)

Posted by StB @ 02/14/2002 09:30 AM EST

Not that those are the only people who'd want a sailor outfit...

Ahem. Moving on.

All Nezumi can say is that in the first picture, you look like you're about to burst out laughing at something, and you're trying to hold it in. That, or you'd just eaten something foul. It's hard to tell.

Posted by Nezumi @ 02/14/2002 06:17 PM EST

Oh, and the perverts. I forgot the perverts... not to insinuate that he is one.

Posted by StB @ 02/14/2002 10:37 PM EST

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