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02/11/2002 Entry: "The [Hero] Towel. Boy, I'm Gross."

From the same team of lunatics that brought you SMMTF, I not-so-proudly present: the [Hero] towel. It's a handy way of describing hero-worship, especially hero-worship to the point of lunacy.
For example: let's say you are playing FF7. Don't argue with me, you are. And you watch younger Cloud hero-worship Sephiroth for a while. You then turn to your friend and say, "Boy, Friend, Cloud has a Sephiroth towel."
Or, say you're playing FF8. No, stop arguing. And you trip over Selphie's 'Sir Laguna website'. You then turn to your friend and say, "Boy, Friend, Selphie sure has a Laguna towel, doesn't she?" And your friend probably rolls her eyes and throws something at you.

So, the point? It's very simple. And somewhat gross.
See, after you finish jerking off while daydreaming about your hero, you clean yourself up with the towel. The special towel that you have just for that purpose. Your... [Hero] Towel.

Boy, you can really tell this was brought to you by the same team that developed SMMTF.
Over and out.

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Moon, you frighten me, truly© Don't ever stop©

Posted by Lack Thereof @ 02/12/2002 12:29 AM EST


Posted by Vera @ 02/12/2002 12:54 AM EST

I'd accuse you of having a dirty mind... if it weren't for the fact that I'm certain you know that already. That said, I got a giggle out of this one. *grins*

Posted by Nathan @ 02/12/2002 01:30 AM EST

AAaagghhh *smash*
That's the sound of my brain breaking.

Posted by Quezzie @ 02/12/2002 09:10 AM EST

Oh ho ho ho ho ho! I am filled with wonderful chuckly goodness at this humor! Please to be not telling anyone about my Zidane towel. They'd burn the skin off their hands.

Posted by Bloody Ink Pen! @ 02/12/2002 02:50 PM EST

Y'all will hate me for this, And I'm sure I'll regret posting it, but this topic reminded me of it, so here we go!

I was watching some comedian on TV one time talking about masturbation. At some point during his little riff, he says "I did it so often I had a towel that I used for a nightstand."

Yeah,, I'll leave now

Posted by Ghituslinger @ 02/12/2002 08:05 PM EST

who uses a towel these days....most people use there keyboard...

Posted by Cloud12287 @ 02/12/2002 10:06 PM EST


Guess I couldn't have put it better myself, Moon. You really need to compile a book of Mooncalfisms and Terms. ^_'

Posted by Wolf @ 02/12/2002 11:23 PM EST

And Carlos puts away his Narusegawa Naru towel.

*ducks thrown objects, most of which look rather sharp*

Posted by Carlos @ 02/13/2002 02:24 AM EST


Posted by BigBigTruck @ 02/13/2002 09:37 AM EST

Far from it, Carlos, I think they have a Love Hina Towel Superstore. "Over 28 Million Served, One at a Time!"

*would winky-smiley if it weren't so gauche this month*

Um...idea...funny! That is all.

Posted by StB @ 02/13/2002 01:29 PM EST

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