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02/09/2002 Entry: "Car Salesmen."

NOTE: Names have been changed to protect the asparagus.

So, it's eleven am, and I'm about to walk out the door with Boyfriend to go to a car dealership and have car salesmen inflicted on me. Not exactly my favorite pastime, but since the last little wind-up car is in the process of disintegrating, well.

When we bought that little wind-up car, four years ago or so, it was used. And we got one of those most stereotypical used-car salesmen in existence. A large man in his mid-fifties with a florid face and a cheap suit jacket that didn't quite fit.

He called Boyfriend 'Mr. Godot'.
He called me 'honey'.

At that point in time, we were too eager to complete the sale and get out of there, so I gritted my teeth and didn't say anything. But this time we're not in any particular hurry.
I've informed Boyfriend that if I hear anyone at that dealership call me 'honey', I'm going to deck that person and we're going to buy from a different dealership.
Boyfriend agrees with me.
Four years later, I plan to strike a blow for feminism. Where are my brass knuckles?

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Hehe. You can borrow mine.

Posted by Tiffany @ 02/09/2002 11:53 AM EST

One of the reasons I ended up buying my Saturn was that the Scary Used Car Salesmen at the other dealerships REALLY bothered me. They were pushy, weird, obviously stretching and/or omitting bits of the truth, and generally evil.

...well, one of the people at one of the Saturn dealerships was like that, but I wouldn't buy a car from him either (they didn't have anything I was interested in. He kept trying to convince me they did.).

My parents insist that buying a new car involves much less evil, to which I responded that if they would like to buy me a new car I would shut up about the evils of buying a used one.

They didn't go for it. Darn.

Posted by Ed @ 02/09/2002 12:08 PM EST

LOL You took my comment, Tiffany!

Yeah, this is not something I look forward to either. No one really does, except the dealers themselves. My dad got a new truck this past summer and they did all this research so they'd know exactly what they want and what everything is, so they most likely will not get snookered. Yeah, it sucks doing this...
Well, good luck, Moon!

Posted by Wolf @ 02/09/2002 06:41 PM EST

I avoid used car dealerships© I now buy used cars either 1¤ out of someone's driveway or 2¤ from an ad in the classifieds© Lots less slime that way©

And in my experience, most car salesmen know absolutely nothing about cars© Including the ones they are selling© If they knew anything about cars, they'd be working in the garage for twice as much©

Posted by Lack Thereof @ 02/09/2002 07:23 PM EST

Yes.. used car salesmen rank right up there with... wellll... I can't really think of anything nasty enough. I bought my car from a dealer. Its no peach, but its not quite a lemon. A good used car guide can help you aske the right questions.. Check out the Lemonaid website. It could help you out. Good luck Moonie...

Posted by Sheerevilness @ 02/10/2002 01:41 PM EST

Whoops. I forgot the URL
Hope this helps. ^~^

Posted by Sheerevilness @ 02/10/2002 01:43 PM EST

Thank God I'm in the process of getting my mechanics certification. When I went to get a car last month, I was handed quiiite a few lines of bullsh!t. I really had far, far too much fun telling the salesmen they were full of crap. Chances of me checkin' under the hoods of *anything* at the local Mazda dealership are slim to none these days. *grins*

Posted by Silvrain @ 02/11/2002 07:43 PM EST

"C'moooon, Old Gil needs this sale! Look at this beaut, she has a radio! Not AM, not FM, but NG! You kids like the music today, and the dancing, right...right...?" (*does a few feeble dance steps*) "Oh God, I'm so hungry."

Posted by Red Draco @ 02/12/2002 02:36 AM EST

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