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02/06/2002 Entry: "Eye Surgery And Administrative Details."

Okay, really quickly, here's the deal.

I'm currently in the process of yanking my sleep schedule around the clock, because in a week or so I'm going to visit my mother, who has this annoying habit of sleeping during the night.
Shoving my sleep schedule forward also has the annoying habit of totally destroying my brain. If I tried to write a blog entry about what I was thinking right now, I would probably end up typing the word 'sleep' over and over again. With the occasional 'food', because, well, I'm hungry. So, uh, that's my pathetic excuse for why I haven't blogged in a while.

Also, while I'm away, there's a prettydamngood chance that I'll be having laser eye surgery again. Yes, again. We're not really sure yet, but I may need touchup surgery. Hooray, another couple of months of eyedrops every two hours around the clock and light sensitivity and not being able to drive or watch TV or use the computer.
I still claim it was worth it. But anyway.

I've already said as much on my main site, but I'll repeat it here: for the rest of February, I may be a bit scarce. Or I may not. The oddest things make me productive, really. Bear with me; I promise I'll be back.

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As long as you ARE still here, Moon. ^_^
Good luck with the surgery!! I wear glasses/contacts myself, and have actually never thought about surgery before. I like, actually, wearing glasses. While glasses and contacts can both sort of be a handicap (in care, the fact that you have poor vision, etc.), I still ike them. My dad got eye surgery many years ago, when it was pretty new, but it was not LASER surgery. That did not come for many years later. He is fine to this day though. So if I did get surgery, I doubt it'd be laser.
There was also a joke on The Simpsons about laser surgery in the future, but probably don't want to hear what it was....Heh.... So I'll stop here...

Posted by Wolf @ 02/06/2002 12:39 PM EST

I do not wish Mooncalf any bad experiences with her eye checkup, but I am pleased that it has become necessary. It gives me an opportunity to visit with her which does not happen often enough. We need to discuss weird novels written by obscure authors.

Posted by Father Moon @ 02/06/2002 02:01 PM EST

Gosh, Father Moon, you're cool. I wish my parents read MY blog! ...wait, no, I don't. In fact, I've expressly forbidden them to do so. Right. ^_^

Posted by D @ 02/06/2002 03:14 PM EST

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