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01/10/2002 Entry: "Internet Behavior. How I Loathe It."

I've... come to the conclusion that I hate all Internet behavior.

Seriously. I hate trolls and flames. I hate cliques and online fashion trends. I hate ALL sorts of trendy-ass typing: l337, tYPiNg LiKE THis, shortening common words, all acronyms (lol, rofl, j/k). I hate it when people use ten punctuation marks instead of one. Or when they use no punctuation at all. I hate it when they don't capitalize, or type in ALL CAPS. I hate it when they type four lines of text for every reply, and I hate it when they talk in terse sentence fragments.

Sure, I hate all that. Didn't I just say so? Sure, I find myself thinking less of people who display those behaviors. It's not something I'm likely to be able to change, either. I can't really change the way I think, and these are, for better or worse, the things that bother me.

However, just because I don't like something doesn't mean it doesn't have the right to exist. Tolerance is not openheartedly accepting everything and not being bothered by anything. Tolerance is disliking something but respecting its right to exist, without denigrating it publicly. And normally, I wouldn't denigrate these behaviors in public, just grit my teeth and ignore it, but you know, this is my blog, and it seemed like a perfectly fit place to display my frustrations. It usually is. On those days when I just have to break out screaming and rail against imaginary injustices, well, that's what the blog is for. That, and for bad poetry, and for talking very earnestly about smut.


Basically, if it's a behavior that happens on the Internet and nowhere else, I hate it. But then, I am an incredibly cranky old fart with decent typing skills. In 'Internet time', I am ancient, and thereby hopelessly outmoded. I will never, no matter how I might try, be a teenager again, and let me just pause to say 'and thank god for that'. However, this does mean that my chance to be l337 is l057.

First one to make a crack about 'Gramma Moonie' gets whacked with my walker.

Ranting aside, if you like TyPiNg liKE tHiS, then type like that, you have my blessing. What I think shouldn't be important to you, unless you're already a friend of mine, and even then, you're not required to be my clone.

You're not required to like or respect me. I'm not required to like or respect you. If I can't respect your otherwise fine mind because you type LOL after every sentence or use ppl/u/r/4, then that's my problem, and it is my life that is the poorer for it. It only becomes your problem if I specifically and maliciously attack you for it.

Granted, I have attacked those behaviors in general. Please note that I haven't attacked anyone in particular. I'm discussing 'what bothers me', not 'what is right and wrong'. Do what you want, type how you want. Sooner or later you're bound to find like-minded people, and then you'll have friends, and u can all b l337 together LOL. I am not important at all in this equation.

Unless, for some strange reason, you want me to like and respect you. I know, I know, it's crazy, but people have wanted weirder things, right?

For the record, this is a heavily edited and expanded version of a post I made on a BBS about a year ago. I found a copy of that post stuck in my note pad, where I originally wrote it, and decided to clean it up and post it here too. You know how it is. Content is content, and recycling is good for the Earth.

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You know, I tend to agree, but then I'm a crabby person proud of his own literacy... so go figure.

Posted by Nathan @ 01/10/2002 10:24 AM EST

Nice one, though I do most of those - hell, I tend to write twelve lines per reply. (But that's analog as well as digital.) And you forgot emoticons, unless that's a lesser transgression. heh.

Posted by StB @ 01/10/2002 11:13 AM EST

I believe that being a teenager is no excuse for being a lazy typist, using poor spelling and/or grammar, or writing eyebleeding text. I have to confess, I went through a brief period of typing in all caps back when I frequented the Prodigy message boards. However, that was many and many a year ago, and the wench is dead anyway. I have since seen the light of reason and atoned for my sins.

I have to applaud your fairness in distinguishing between disliking a behavior and attaching some sort of moral connotations to it.

That being said, I still reserve the right to smack people upside the head for shameless abuse of the English language, both visually and grammatically.

Posted by Kiwi @ 01/10/2002 01:17 PM EST

So say one, so say we all....
In other words, I'm in basic concurrance with the crowd here. I hate those kinds of things too, and you're right, it's not likely to go away. But you know what, I also at the same time try not to let it bother me, because you KNOW a lot of people do these things because they WANT it to bother you. So I try not to let them win. Just like the terrorists...they can't win!! LOL
Uh, sorry about that. *_*

Posted by Wolf @ 01/10/2002 04:05 PM EST

Although I must agree, these things are also fine in my own opinion. But only when they are used in moderation. Someone once quoted, and many people repeated: variety is the spice of life.

But all things aside, the caps and 'ppl' get very annoying. I can tolerate the many punctuation marks and emoticons.

Posted by Safaia @ 01/10/2002 05:15 PM EST

What in God's name does LOL stand for anyway?

... And that was brought to you by a teenager. Who obviously isn't 1337 enough 4 ThEm 0tHeR ppl. The very fact that people bother TyPiNg LiKe ThIs amazes me. Painful to type, even more so to read. Have mercy.

I do have the tendency to type four-line responses though. Guilty guilty guilty. Rargh to that.

Posted by Chibix @ 01/11/2002 05:20 AM EST

'LOL' stands for 'Laughing Out Loud'. Similarly, 'RotFLOL' (or variants thereof) stands for 'Rolling on the Floor, Laughing Out Loud'.

I personally like many abreviations. Nothing pisses me more than when one of my favorite fanfic authors gets Carpal Tunnel or Repetitive Motion Syndrome. Because I disagree with you, I will now deny myself the pleasure of checking your blog on a daily basis ... /not/.

Posted by Miome @ 01/11/2002 08:46 AM EST

...I don't think that abbreviations are gonna save anyone from carpal tunnel or any of its wrist-hurting bretheren.

I hate... pretty much everything Moon hates, actually. And yeah, I don't really care if other people do it....... as long as they don't talk to ME. I prefer the people I communicate with to speak in complete, coherent sentences with at least a good hard try at correct spelling and grammar. ...and if they don't I probably won't talk to them much!

I once knew someone who punctuated every sentence with 'heh'. Boy did it make me twitch.

Posted by Ed @ 01/11/2002 10:10 AM EST


Couldn't resist. (Hey, it's a step up from LOL/ROFL, no? Or "hehehehehehehheheheheehehehe" or other such anime-fangirl-from-hell outbursts?)

Oy, arguing the fine points of annoying net behavior. Bad.

Posted by StB @ 01/11/2002 02:56 PM EST

It's not so bad once in a while, heh. But when you do it every sentence, it gets pretty annoying. Heh. After a while, you just want to kill 'em, heh.

It's better than some other things though, lol. I mean, I know people who lol at everything they say lol! They must be so funny lol!

...okay, I'm done.

Posted by Ed @ 01/11/2002 07:02 PM EST

What the hell does "l337" mean? I'm clueless.

And that's the problem with internet acronyms; because they limit on who you can talk to. Maybe it should be considered a new language... because I have no idea what the fuck they're talking about most of the time. It can be filed under "pig latin". Oh... what academia.

Posted by Myrhlyn McFay @ 01/12/2002 08:49 AM EST

+-3 b4b`/ J35_5 )1) j00r /\/\0/\/\ l45+ /\/1G-+, /\/\00/\/c4l=.

And that's about the best I can do without resorting to high-bit ASCII. Gosh, that does so bring back my old BBS days.

Posted by D @ 01/12/2002 11:16 AM EST

Cleverness foiled by the fact that I don't preview comments and Greymatter eats the pipe character. Sigh; oh well.

Posted by D @ 01/12/2002 11:17 AM EST

You can read it well enough without the pipe, if you squint.

Let it be said: muwahahaha.

Contractions a la 'ppl' and whatnot do irk me, because most of the people who use them can't spell for beans either. I was the universal proofreader in high school, and that experience causes me to twitch rampantly and reach for a red pen when I see spelling errors. Even when they are on the screeeeeeeeeeeen. ;_;

Posted by Ecchan @ 01/12/2002 11:56 AM EST

Myrhlyn: 1337 = "leet" spelled out in numbers = "elite."

That must be the worst FYI I've ever done. Must go wash now.

Posted by StB, who is not 1337 @ 01/12/2002 05:41 PM EST

Hi. I've been reading your journal for a while, and I just wanted to say that this entry hit quite a few of my personal annoyances. Right on.

Oh, and I linked your "geek" entry in my journal (listed as my homepage).

Posted by Reny @ 01/13/2002 09:07 PM EST

Well, I've been prey to some of those myself, and I can usually tolerate them in others.

What I find annoying is when
1) Somebody uses most or all of those techniques in a message, and
2) You have to filter out the RaNdOM cRAp, and find that they've said... nothing. They've typed all those keystrokes to say nothing more intelligent than "look at me, aren't I clueless?"

Aren't there some sad people in the world?

Posted by JohnnyBoy @ 01/17/2002 03:10 PM EST

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