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01/07/2002 Entry: "Check It Out, Soulpuppetry Strikes Back!"

Oh, joy! I must share! Because, you know, anything that makes me laugh hysterically and fall off my computer chair must be shared.

Meriko has crafted 'A Soulpuppetry Moment' Madlibs! And she's graciously let me link to it from my blog!
Fear the oh-so-right wrongness of it!

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LOL! That was fun! And, just so you know, you were cackling like a deranged herbivore.
I felt the need to tell you that.

Posted by Scruffy Hippie Chick @ 01/08/2002 12:05 AM EST

LOL!!! OMFG!!!! That is so great!! I needed a good laugh!! I wish I could copy and paste it here to show you what mine was! Mine had you cacklig like a squirrel!! LOL
Isn't it so flattering that this madlib is about you, Moon? :3

Posted by Wolf @ 01/08/2002 01:55 AM EST

Oh hell yes. X33 I put in a few nasty words, and as a result you ended up doing something incorrect, but who cares?! That was HILARIOUS. X3

Posted by Saikou @ 01/08/2002 02:08 AM EST

LOL! That was great! Moon, you ended up shoving a lubricated MOUSE (the fluffy, computer kind! ...If they're fluffy...) up Ashton's 'bulbous ass'. You pulled it out of your ear. It was...disturbing! ^^; I got a good laugh out of it, though!

Posted by Safaia @ 01/08/2002 02:16 AM EST

Mmm, memetastic!

For the record, Moo, if you /ever/ pull a poodle out of your rectum and dip it in motor oil and get it anywhere near Sophia, let alone cackle like George W. Bush, I'm having you put down.

Posted by Ashlea @ 01/08/2002 03:23 AM EST

From my go at it... 'all the while, thinking like a bellhop'. I think that bit alone made it worthwhile. And the thoughts of what Moon might do in a room with Ramza, Momo, and Commodore Shirou (my character from a PBeM RPG I'm in) just disturb me. And oh, Moon, how *did* you fit a ship in your throat?

Posted by Nathan @ 01/08/2002 06:22 AM EST

Wolverine out of the nasopharynx dipped in hair gel. (Hey, it was the second cavity I thought of. ^_^;;) Though, "Vincent blurted out, Sweet merciful crap!!" was fun... Ahhh, anyhow, cheers Mooncalf, cheers Meriko, much fun, goodnight.

Posted by StB @ 01/08/2002 01:12 PM EST pulled one of my original characters out of your sinus, dipped him in corn oil and made him lick my other two who happened to be jumping one another...O_o And there I was thinking it'd turn out wholesome. Hehe.

Posted by Tiffany @ 01/08/2002 02:52 PM EST

By the time I got to Beast blurting out "Fuckin' A!" (or, more appropriately, F.U.C.K.I.N.'.A) as its liver (!) got shoved up to the top of its head, I was on the floor.

And then Moo pulled a pillow out of her nostril and dipped it in Astroglide.

Posted by chaobell @ 01/08/2002 08:51 PM EST

Hi. I'm ordinarily too shy to comment here, but I just wanted to thank you and Meriko for allowing me to have an experience in which you removed a boink bunny from your nostril, dipped it in tentacle slime, which caused Brown from Persona 1 to declaim speeches from Othello to the other two (Jun and Sudou from Persona 2 --;), "all the while emitting alarming sparks and giving off copious amounts of smoke like a Extra Crispy!." Then, feeling quite evilgenki, I went off to go pimping, leaving you cackling like a deranged J.R. Bob Dobbs. It was an experience, especially since I had just taken my shot of NyQuil for the night. Whoo, maybe I better watch that next time around... *tries to peel herself off the ceiling, fails*

Posted by Leda @ 01/08/2002 11:59 PM EST


You pulled a diamond out of your armpit, dipped it in Crisco, and had one of my puppets snort the two I was holding.

Oh, yes, the following two quotes were the highlight of this thing --

"[. . .] who spent many hours playing messily with them, cackling all the while like a deranged Lex."

"Mooncalf: Oh, shut up! I'm Manly Man, I can do what I want!"

Posted by Yscaldine @ 01/10/2002 12:27 AM EST

Here you go

A Soulpuppetry Moment entitled
'happy loveliness,' by Kyrn.

One day, Kyrn decided to soulpuppet, having been encouraged in this endeavor by the morbid mistress of soulpuppetry, Mooncalf. So Kyrn grabbed a Dark puppet and a Krad puppet, and shoved her hands right up their long asses.
Dark blurted out, HWAaaa!
Krad blurted out, Eeeeeek!
After a moment of thought, Kyrn decided to make Dark and Krad happy, and had them do so very, VERY excrucaiting. Being relatively new to the shiny art of soulpuppetry, Kyrn then looked around for inspiration. her eyes landed on a piffle by her feet, and so Kyrn had Dark pick it up and lick Krad with it many times.
Suddenly, Mooncalf popped into the room and decided to liven things up. Grabbing a Satoshi puppet, she shoved her hand so far up the poor thing's ass that his prostate relocated to the top of his little felt skull.
Satoshi blurted out, Hyeh!!
Mooncalf: Oh, shut up! I'm Supreme Commander, I can do what I want!
Mooncalf squirmed over to Kyrn and said, 'Now what you really need to spice things up is a keychain!' Pulling one out of her mouth, Mooncalf dipped it in a handy jar of honey and then proceeded to have Satoshi snare the two puppets that Kyrn was holding, all the while glaring like a geek.
Feeling rather depressed by Mooncalf, Kyrn decided that her time was better spent drawinfg, and left the puppets with Mooncalf, who spent many hours playing messily with them, cackling all the while like a deranged lemur.

Posted by Kyrn @ 01/11/2002 04:02 AM EST

Oh God mooncalf. I won't even tell you what you were doing with Sydney and Ashley. Besides, it didn't make any sense....

Posted by Sheerlyevil @ 01/21/2002 08:37 PM EST

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