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09/29/2001 Entry: "Trigun: Commentary"

WARNING: I finished watching all of Trigun last night, finally. Therefore: big fat honking Trigun spoilers ahead. If you haven't watched the entire series, you'll want to skip this. Please hilight the text to read.
You know, I'm of the opinion that they could have avoided a whole lot of trouble if someone hadn't looked at this adorable blond-haired newborn baby and said, "I know! Let's name him Knives!"
... what drugs was this person on? How do you look at a squalling red-faced newborn and decide to name it "Millions Knives"? I mean, I've heard of postpartum depression, but postpartum stupidity? You just don't name babies after truckloads of sharp weapons. That's not just asking for trouble, that's demanding it...
If that person had looked at the newborn twins and said, "Hey, I know, let's name them Vash and Marshmallow!", then things would have turned out a lot differently... Millions Marshmallow. Hee hee hee...

Also, Nicholas D. Wolfwood rocks my world, I'm madly in love with the preacher man, and he had the best damn death scene I've seen in years. God, Wolfwood. Macho bastard to the end.
Of course, it was Milly who just broke my heart completely. That was... well handled. Damn.

Mmmmmm, Wolfwood. Mmmmm.

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If Nezumi has to keep agreeing with /everything/ you say, hon, it's going to get redundant. And if he keeps asking you to marry him, people will start to talk. =)

Oh, well. Let's get started. Nezumi agrees with you. Will you marry him?

As far as Knives' name goes, that's /exactly/ what Nezumi said about a month ago. Except for the marshmallows, but you kinda get the idea. And you can't even blame it on postpartum depression, since the person who named them wasn't pregnant with them. Whaddaya call that, sympathy stupidity?

Of course, this is the same person who named the other kid the French word for 'cow', so they did at least one thing right. =)

And as far as Wolfwood goes, he's the most desirable, MANLY man Nezumi's seen in anime. Period. He kicks so much ass, he wears out three pairs of shoes a week.

Posted by Nezumi @ 09/29/2001 09:38 PM EST

Mmm, marshmellows.

(I'm assuming that whoever is reading the comments has also read the spoiler.)

Of course the Wolfwood death scene is quite possibly the best one I've ever seen. What really got me though is when he asks if it would be wrong to ask for forgiveness. Although Legato's is quite creepy and does a good deal of emotional damage to poor Vash.

Posted by Lesath @ 10/01/2001 12:38 AM EST

I remember someone mentioning a while back that they should have named him "Stamps", so that he would have grown up with the desire to collect something harmless instead.

Posted by Lex @ 10/01/2001 01:35 PM EST

Speaking of his name, was I the only one who wondered this: how the hell Vash & co could tell the bloody "Knives" on the rock was supposed to be a man's name?

Posted by Keiiii @ 10/02/2001 01:43 AM EST

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