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06/24/2001 Entry: "Mmm, I Love Balls."

Have I ever mentioned that I love superballs? You know, the cheap rubber balls that you get out of gumball machines? They're small hard wads of really really bouncy rubber, and they come in all these cool colors and styles. Kind of like marbles used to, but marbles don't bounce.
I have handfuls of the small ones. Clear ones with glitter in them, swirly marbly ones, solid colors... and just today, I found a vending machine that sold... the BIG ones. Superballs the size of my fist!
I got a neat one: transparent blue filled with multicolored glitter. And I played with it all the way home.

Superballs are, pretty much, my equivalent of Happy Meal toys. Get a cheap one, play with it for ten minutes, then add it to the stack of toys and forget about it...

No, I don't really have a point. I just like superballs, and I got a new one today. That's all.

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The Patented Mooncalf Double-Entendre strikes again! ^_^ Seriously, though, those things are mucho fun. I have many as well.

Posted by DarkMoon @ 06/27/2001 02:49 AM EST

Oh, man, those things are SOOOO much fun. I love 'em!

Posted by Lack Thereof @ 07/01/2001 08:04 AM EST

*grins* Actually, my thing is slinkies... Rainbow, glow-in-the-dark, metal, plastic, I collect them all! (and annoy those around me for hours when I play with the metal ones)

Posted by Cynther @ 07/13/2001 04:26 AM EST

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