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06/21/2001 Entry: "Okay, She's A Vicious Bitch."

1. People running the vacuum cleaner/lawnmower while I'm trying to sleep.
2. People who believe that all anime is Pokemon/DBZ/Sailor Moon.
3. People who, alternately, believe that all anime is porn.
4. Bugs in the basement.
5. Bugs anywhere in my house, actually.
6. People who believe that 'online humor' consists of adding 'lol' or 'j/k' to the end of insults.
7. Shrieking children in restaurants.
8. Shrieking children anywhere.
9. Heck, children in general.
10. And parents, too, while I'm at it.
11. Parents who refuse to pay attention to ratings, and believe all animated films/video games are automatically okay for their children; then scream and rant and complain when they're not.
12. The ENTIRE concept that all things must be rendered safe for children by purging all possibly offensive content, including the entire Internet and all of TV. This is not a G-rated world, and that won't change, no matter how many things we ban.
13. Humidity.
14. Windy days, when I have to be outside and don't have a hairclip.
15. People who watch hours and hours of completely non-interactive television shows, yet believe that video games rot your brain.
16. People who desperately look for simple answers to complex questions, and furthermore, simple answers that absolve them of all blame.
17. l33t-speak.
18. The so-called "women's magazines" which are really devoted to the care and upkeep of the male of the species.
19. Militant anything.
20. Those sections of the media who only focus on the radical fringe elements of any movement, and the people who come to believe that those fringe elements are the whole of the movement because of it.

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Hah! You spelled 1337 wrong tooo! ^o^; Personally I think there's a time and a place for it, but then again I speak it in person with a bunch of friends. o_O;;;
Brilliant lists, both of them. *grin*

Posted by Pirotess @ 06/24/2001 02:15 AM EST

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