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06/21/2001 Entry: "See? She's Not THAT Bad..."

And, just to prove that I'm not a totally cranky bitch:
1. Fireworks displays.
2. Fireflies at dusk.
3. Amazing orange and pink sunsets and sunrises.
4. Lying in bed in the afternoon, taking a nap. Especially when it's thunderstorming.
5. Being able to make other people laugh.
6. Running out at six am to grab a greasy bad-for-me drive-through breakfast before I go to bed.
7. Looking at the art of really talented people.
8. Getting to meet those people online, or in real life, or at least getting to trade emails with them.
9. The acquisition of new esoteric art supplies, and getting to play with them.
10. Driving around in December and looking at Christmas lights.
11. Lounging around on the couch on Saturday afternoons, reading a pile of brand-new comic books.
12. The way clouds look, late at night, lit by a full moon.
13. Ironing flat things. No, really. I like ironing napkins and pattern pieces and stuff, getting them to lay absolutely flat, and hearing the hiss of the iron every time I pick it up, and feeling the wet heat of the steam iron.
14. Playing 80s music all night, down in the basement, and singing along whenever I feel like it.
15. Buying silly cheap trinkets to play with. Yo-yos, little tiny stone animals, polished rocks, plushies.
16. Driving around town by myself, playing music on the radio and singing along.
17. The neat silver stripe that's recently appeared in my hair, over my right ear. Yes, it's natural.
18. Showing people things that I suspect they'll like, and finding out that they do, indeed, like it.
19. Sitting out on the front stoop, or the back porch, on a nice day, eating a Tootsie Roll Pop and thinking deep thoughts. Or just watching the traffic go by.
20. Seeing groundhogs, raccoons, rabbits, and possums as I drive around down by the river.

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Lack loves fireflies

Posted by Lack Thereof @ 06/22/2001 07:37 AM EST

Yay Moon! Silver stripes are coool.

Posted by DarkMoon @ 06/23/2001 06:12 AM EST

I like most of those things, too, Moon. You like lots of cool, happy things! This World is Made of Love and Peace!!!

Posted by Wolf @ 06/27/2001 01:20 AM EST

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