My name is Mooncalf, I'm a thirty-year-old fangirl from Ohio, and this was my weblog.

As of today, January 1, 2003, Mooncalf Noises (the blog) is closing down.

Over the last year I've let myself become spread too thin, and I simply don't have the energy to continue with all of my current activities. Something had to give; that something is the blog.

The blog eats more of my time and energy than it should, you see. It ceased to be rewarding long ago and started to be something of a burden. And when I first created a web presence for myself, almost three years ago, I promised myself that the instant one of my online activities ceased to be fun, I would stop doing it. This was my hobby, after all. It wasn't my job or my vocation, it was just something I did as a lark.

I let the blog continue about six months past its due date. I don't regret it overmuch, but still, the time has come to stop. I'm beginning to find that I've already said pretty much everything that I wanted to.

My main site,, will continue as always, and I will continue to maintain and post to my LiveJournal, whenever the mood strikes me.

The archives (and, likewise, the older pre-Greymatter archives) will remain up indefinitely (read: until I desperately need the space to use elsewhere). And, of course, if you're desperate, you can always email me, but please note that I have been considering closing the blog down for a while now and will almost certainly not change my mind.

Thank you to all of you who have been reading what I wrote, who took the time to respond when you had something important to say, and who kept coming back to see if I would say anything else. And, of course, thank you to Noel Grey and the Blogger crew, who provided the platforms on which I stood for over two years.

Believe me, it is appreciated.
 - Mooncalf